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ANTBC Conference Outline Programme
27th - 29th August 2013

Day 1:  Tuesday 27th August 2013

Registration and introductory activity 12 noon
Worship Miranda Threlfall-Holmes 12.30pm
Lunch 1pm

Formal Welcome 2.15pm
Keynote 1 Rev. Ian Ellis Ethos and Education                         2.30pm
Respondents from four jurisdictions   3pm
Rep of Ireland perspective- Anne Lodge
Church of England perspective - Janina Ainsworth
Scandinavian perspective -Jyri Komulainen
Latvian perspective – Ruta Abakuks
Discussion  3.30pm

Coffee  4pm

Short papers, followed by discussion  4.30pm
Janina Ainsworth (England), Church Schools in the English context
Jacqui Wilkinson (Ireland) Anglican school ethos and RE in RoI
Sarah Warren (Ireland) Teacher attitudes towards the RE programme in
primary schools in the Republic of Ireland

Pre-dinner Reception  6pm
Guest speaker Professor Brian McCraith, President of Dublin City University  6.30pm
Dinner with education policy guests  7pm

Wed 28th August 2013

Dr. David Tuohy   Educational ethos responding to legal and social contexts  9.30am
Two school leader respondents 10.15am
Discussion 10.40am

Coffee 11am

Short papers 11.30am
Daniel Nuzum (Ireland), Anglo/Nordic/Baltic research on the pastoral dimensions of stillbirth
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes (England), Chaplaincy, Parish and Institutional Ethos
Jyri Komulainen (Finland), Postliberal theology and critical pedagogy: some reflections from the Finnish Context’

Worship Kerstin Wimmer 12.30pm

Lunch  1pm

Travel to Solas Project  2pm
Visit to Guinness Hopstore  3.30pm

Pre-dinner Reception  6pm
Guest speaker Dr. Tony Walsh , NUI Maynooth 6.30pm
Dinner with invited inter-faith guests  7pm

Thursday 30th August

Dr. Gerry Jeffers Institutional Ethos, Social Justice and Transformation 9.30am
Philip McKinley Title tbc   10am
Discussion Chaired by Dr. Rose Malone, President of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland 10.30am

Coffee 11am

Short papers, and concluding discussion 11.30am
Alison Joyce (England) 'Growing an ethical community through music: the story of String Quartets from Scratch'
Adris Abakuks (Latvia), The Synoptic Problem and statistics

Eucharist Michael Jackson 12.30pm

Lunch (carry-out lunch will be available)  1pm Departure

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