Thursday, 29 August 2013

Post Conference Reflections

The conference theme of Eduction, Ethos and Social Transformation has been a fascinating one. We have been able to gain new insights into the different ways in which education and the schools system engage with churches and religions in our different contexts, and also into the slippery but crucial concept of the 'ethos' of a school, and particularly a church school. What is ethos, how can it be shaped, and what impact does it have on a child's spiritual development?

These issues of education have also raised intriguing questions about church ethos and culture. Learning from teachers and educational theorists, how can church ethos as well as the actual content of our liturgy and teaching help and/or hinder faith development?

It was heartening and exciting to meet so many practitioners and theorists from across our region who are motivated and engaged with such questions, and who see the aim of education in radical terms, as being to change the world rather than simply to induct young people into the status quo. This raised important questions for me of the tension between these aims in the churches too (and I wrote this prose poem reflecting on this issue: 'To Change The World').

We intend to hold the next conference in Finland in 2015, on the theme of Public Theology or Faith in the Public Square. Watch this space!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Final Bookings Welcomed

Most bookings are now in for this year's conference, with people coming from all over the region: Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland...

There are still some places available, so if you would like to attend this year's conference please email Anne Lodge at the address on the bookings page. The conference fee has been kept as low as possible - just E150 - and you can pay cash on arrival, as we have not been able to arrange online payment for this year.

Alternatively, if you can't come this year but would like to be kept informed of the next conference (pencilled in for Finland 2015), email me at and I will add you to our mailing list; or follow this blog!