Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Call for Papers for 2015

Anglo-Nordic-Baltic Theology Conference 2015
13th-17th August 2015
‘A Theological House Party’
Theology in the Public Square
The Anglo-Nordic-Baltic Theology Conference is a biennial gathering of lay and ordained, theologians and practitioners, primarily from the Anglican and Lutheran churches of Northern Europe. It takes the form of a theological house party, with short contributions around a common theme which aim to stimulate discussion, the building of relationships and sharing of experience.
You can find out more about the history of the conference – which has been meeting since the 1930s and was instrumental in the development of the Porvoo network – at the history page of our blog, http://anglonordicbaltic.blogspot.co.uk.
The conference will be held in the Christian Institute, Turku, Finland: http://linnasmaki.fi/english/
We will begin in the late afternoon of Thursday 13th August and conclude with breakfast on Monday 17th, to facilitate travel arrangements. The nearest airport is in Turku itself; it is also possible to fly into Helsinki and take a bus, or take a ferry from Stockholm.
The cost of attending will be 250 euros per person: some limited bursaries will be available to participants who would otherwise find the cost of attending prohibitive. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for one of these, by letter of application.

Call For Papers
The theme of the 2015 Conference will be Theology in the Public Square.
Proposals are now invited for short papers on any aspect of this subject. Papers are usually around 20 minutes long, allowing plenty of time for discussion and learning from all our many different contexts. Papers are delivered in English, the language of the conference, and are circulated in advance in order to facilitate participation by those for whom English is a second or third language.
We welcome and are hoping for a mix of papers by a mix of contributors: from academics, clergy, those working in public policy, artists and other creatives; on the idea of theology in public generally, or on specific aspects, questions or controversies; and from across all of the territories that we cover.
Paper titles and a short abstract should be sent to Rev. Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, miranda@threlfall-holmes.net

Thursday, 23 October 2014

2015 Dates and Theme Announced

The 2015 Anglo Nordic Baltic Theological Conference will take place on 13-17 August, in the Theological Institute, Turku, Finland.

The Theme of the Conference will be 'Theology in the Public Square'.

A formal call for papers will follow shortly, but early expressions of interest are welcome. The conference papers are generally 20-30 minutes long, and are given in English and circulated in advance to facilitate participation for those for whom English is a second language.
The papers aim to spark discussion and conversation rather than to be the 'last word' on a subject. Work in progress is welcome, as are reflections on practice and local contexts from non-academic contributors.

Suggestions for contributions should be sent to miranda.threlfall-holmes@durham.ac.uk

The ANBTC is a biennial 'theological house party' with the aim of fostering conversations and relationships amongst clergy and laity, academics and practitioners, in the Anglican and Lutheran churches of northern Europe. See more on the history page.

The conference is organised by
Rt. Revd. Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin, Church of Ireland
Revd. Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, Vicar in Durham, Church of England
Revd. Dr. Mika Pajunen, Theological Advisor to the Archbishop of Turku.

All are welcome. We anticipate that this year's conference fee will be in the region of £160, full board, and we hope to be able to offer some bursaries to those who need them to be able to attend.

Friday, 28 March 2014

2015: Theology in the Public Square

The 2015 conference will be held in Turku, Finland, and will take as its theme Theology in the Public Square.

The conference team consists of:

Rt. Revd. Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin
Revd. Dr. Mika Pajunen, Theological Advisor to the Archbishop of Turku
Revd. Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, Church of England